Same-Day Moves

Need to use a truck or need moving help last minute? We're available for same-day moves.

A moving company that offers same-day moving

Around the Bend Professional Movers is one of the only local moving companies specializing in same-day moves. As long as we’re not already on a job, our team is happy to provide our truck and our local moving services anytime between 8am – 12am. Just call or text to see if we’re available.

While a home or apartment move is usually planned weeks or months in advanced, sometimes life gets in the way, something unexpected happens or you simply need some extra help. We don’t have a drawn out contract process and we don’t require down payments. If we’re available, we’ll come help you move whatever it may be at an affordable hourly rate. Not many moving companies can say the same.

Examples of Same-Day Moves:

  • 1

    Another moving company canceled on you.

  • 2

    An unplanned eviction.

  • 3

    You purchased a large item or furniture and don't have a truck.

  • 4

    The moving truck you rented wasn't big enough.

  • 5

    You're need to meet a move-in or move-out deadline at school.

  • 6

    You're unexpectedly unavailable on your scheduled moving day.

Moving a garage full of items for a South Bend customer.

Important: We do our best to accommodate schedules, but same-day moves are subject to availability. Please call or text first to make sure we are available.

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