Large Item Moving

Don't risk hurting yourself. Let our professionals move your large or heavy items.

Let us do your heavy lifting

Why risk hurting yourself and/or damaging your home to move a large item? It’s not worth it. Let Around the Bend Professional Movers help. Because we charge by the hour, we are an affordable option to ensure your item is moved properly and safely.

Our movers have experience moving all types of items, large and small. They are trained on the safest and most secure way to move large items. We will expertly secure the item and figure out the best way to get it out of (or into) your home or office. Sometimes this requires lifting the item or taking it apart. Whatever may be required, we’re up for the task. We’ve moved pianos, refrigerators, armoires and much more. We have the necessary experience and equipment to ensure we get your large item moved without damage to it or your home.

Large Items We Can Move:

  • 1

    Pianos & Safes

  • 2

    Large dressers and armoires

  • 3

    Refrigerators and freezers

  • 4

    Marble or granite countertops

  • 5

    Large shelving units

  • 6

    Heavy antique desks

  • 7

    Office desks or filing cabinets

Large item moving and piano moving services by Around the Bend Professional Movers

Our Approach to Moving Large Items

Our priority during any large item move is the safety of our movers and your property. We may need some time to analyze your situation and come up with the best solution for moving your large item. We promise to do everything we can to keep your item from getting damaged and our workers from getting injured. If we don't feel we can move your large item without accomplishing both of those things, we will let you know.

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